Students at Trinity Catholic Middle School in grades six and seven take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, a nationally recognized norm referenced assessment to measure their achievement in math, reading and language.  The students in both grades consistently score at the 80th percentile or better as compared to other schools in the nation.

Each year the graduating eighth grade students are eligible to receive the President's Academic Excellence Award.  This award is given to those students who have achieved a 3.5 average or better for sixth grade, seventh grade and the first semester of eighth grade.  They must also score at the 85th percentile or better in either reading or math on  the seventh grade Iowa Test of Basic Skills.  Annually, this recognition has been given to over 15% of the students.

The majority of eighth grade students continue their education at Trinity Catholic High School.  Trinity Catholic High School graduates have been accepted at such colleges and universities as Catholic University of America, the University of Delaware, Boston University and Northeastern University.

Our students excel in their day to day performance and are recognized for their achievements.  The Honor Roll is published quarterly to recognize those who have earned High Honors (no grade lower than A-) or Honors (no grade lower than B-).

Our students participate in a variety of community based academic competitions.  Annually the sixth graders are part of a Spelling Bee  for grades 4-6 sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.  School winners compete in a regional contest.

The Daughters of the American Revolution hold an essay contest annually on a topic based on some aspect of American history.  For the past two years students from Trinity Catholic  Middle School have placed first and second in grades six, seven and eight for the Stamford region.  And for the past three years there has been a statewide winner.